ARFFWG – Section 10, Asia pacific Region and Nepal Rescue and Fire Fighter Association (NRFFA), Nepal are jointly organizing their first International ARFF Conference and Exhibition on Aviation Fire Safety at Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kathmandu, Nepal. Each tool in the ARFF tool kit has its limitations. Nothing is perfect for every circumstance. And, those tools are only as good as the people whose hands are properly trained and then entrusted with using them. Technology does not drive change – it enables change. It's our collective cultural response to the options and opportunities presented by technology that drives change.

In the ARFF industry, the culture is driven by an ever-increasing desire to improve the safety of the flying public and the responders who protect them. Experts throughout the ARFF industry agree that innovation has led to improvements in technology, training and preparation for managing almost any category of aviation emergency. Modern technology in the hands of the exceptionally motivated and properly trained Rescue and Fire Fighting Personnel may will be the difference between a survivable crash and something much less fortunate. ARFF International conference will be helpful in being acquainted with aviation growth, the challenges faced and ARFF dynamics.

This conference will be a unique opportunity to meet and interact with ARFF regulatory authorities/agencies and other aviation and fire sector experts from all over the globe so as to know more about critical regulatory initiatives which will impact airport fire services. Experiences of various experts in handling emergency situations and analysis of future challenges will be presented during the conference. This conference also facilitates learning of latest technologies, training methods and process followed at various airports across the country. Industry players and leading experts from different countries will be sharing their experience and technical knowledge at the conference. Knowledge gained from attending this conference through networking with industry experts will help individuals in managing complex situations while attending to emergency calls and in building quality workforce.

The aviation industry in Nepal is still emerging. With only one International airport and Fifty domestic airports in different terrain in the country, Nepal has needs and potentials for establishing most innovative airports and expanding the boundaries of current aviation business in Nepal. ARFF International CONFERENCE and EXHIBITION 2017 is first-ever International Conference being held in the history of Rescue and Fire Fighting Service of Nepal. So, let's join our hands together for the betterment of ARFF industry in Asia-pacific Region as well as around the globe by attending this Historical Event in the land of Himalayas – Nepal.


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